Our Difference

By now you may have explored a number of different childcare centres’ websites, you may have noticed that there are a lot of similarities between the material that is provided. 

Why you should choose Happy Tots Early Educating Centre

We have been in the childcare business for over 15 years.  Our family is genuinely committed to continually improving and nurturing the children of our community.

We ensure that our facilities are beautiful, functional and built for purpose.  Resources are plentiful, meaningful, interesting and fun!

We work with the ‘best in the business’ – both in terms of our management group, our training providers and our team.  We continually offer professional development opportunities for our team to ensure that they understand and are able to embed contemporary practices within the centres that we own and run.


Continuous Improvements

We believe in the power of the individual… this relates to our relationships across the community – building relationships with locals who add to our practices (such as sustainability experts and professional development providers), we actively engage our families ensuring that our methods of communication (such as Storypark) offer a real-time feedback and input channel for our families into our learning program and our educators actively participate in early learning professional groups (such as ACA Queensland) thereby gaining access to new and valuable tools to enhance the service we provide to our children and their families.

We have a genuine focus on continuous improvement.  All centres have an up to date Quality Improvement Plan that is actively serviced through feedback from our families and our team members.  Every month our families are consulted regarding our policies and procedures and our centre leadership team meets to consider and reflect upon how we can best meet both our Regulatory requirements and our family expectations.


Collaborative & Consultative

We are “WE”.  The concept of ‘it takes a village’ is embraced across our services.  We respect and embrace the parents as the “first teacher” of our children.  We are collaborative and consultative in our approach and…  We LISTEN.

We believe in “the vibe”.  All families are actively encouraged to visit us for centre tours, play dates and transition visits.  The vibe of the environment will be felt by you and your child and we look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to the special experience that we offer at our Happy Tots centres.



Greater Respect for the planet

Participating in a Bush Kinder program responds to a child’s right and need to access natural spaces for optimum learning and development. Regular sessions provide dedicated time for children of all ages to be outside in a quality natural environment exposed to fresh air, natural gradients new experiences. Encouraging the children to participate in a bush kinder session will offer your child the opportunity to grow at their own pace, connect to others with kindness and creativity, learn holistically and increase their communication, self-regulation and confidence and develop a greater respect for the planet and for each other.

Positive & Protective Relationship

Simultaneously, children will build a positive and protective relationship with our planet Earth which will enable them to advocate for the survival of plant and animal species that are essential for human survival. Each child will have a different set of learning goals which are developmentally appropriate based on their current developmental stage, and the knowledge they already have. Each age group will also be increasingly challenged to build knowledge, explore their local community, consider risks and accept challenges while under the supervision of our supportive and qualified educators.

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