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The Importance of Mindfulness

Children are learning about themselves and the world they live in – how to interact with others and their environment, how to self-regulate, and how they fit in as individuals. Teaching mindfulness helps children develop awareness and grow in their understanding of themselves and the world around them.  

As a leading kindergarten in Chermside West, we believe in giving our children ample opportunity to develop and practice mindfulness.  

Developing Awareness 

Mindfulness techniques are essential for helping children to slow down and take note of their inner and outer experiences. We live in an increasingly fast-paced world, and the skills to develop awareness are lifelong assets that will help them to orient themselves and become more grounded.  

Understanding Emotions 

Emotional regulation is an extremely important part of child development. Mindfulness can help children identify their emotions and recognise how those emotions manifest. Children can go on to create strategies for acknowledging and managing their feelings in a safe and healthy way. 

Managing Attention Spans 

At our leading kindergarten in Chermside West, we teach mindfulness to allow children to practice being engaged with their learning, and to recognise when their attention wanders. That allows children to learn strategies for controlling their attention span, enhancing their ability to engage with their learning. 

Practicing Mindfulness 

At our leading kindergarten in Chermside West, we believe in setting children on the path to lifelong learning. Mindfulness strategies can begin at a very early age, with our talented educators delivering age-appropriate learning that is tailored to each child. Our mindfulness program helps create introspective, considerate people who can engage in a healthy way with their inner and outer worlds.   

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