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Inspiration for our Leading Early Learning Environment 

As a provider of leading early learning in Chermside, our learning environment is carefully crafted to help set your children on the path to success. Our learning approaches support your child to develop a love of learning that will set them on the path to educational achievement.

Reggio Emilia

This approach is all about your child as a valued individual. We follow a self-guided curriculum that is flexible enough to follow individual interests while learning. The curriculum is based on self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. We aim to foster respect, responsibility, and community through exploration, discovery, and play – as outlined in the Reggio Emilia approach.

Here at Happy Tots Early Education we value the voice of the child and do all we can to support its hundred languages!


Resources for Infant Educarers or “RIE” was created in 1978 by early childhood educator Magda Gerber. The principles we incorporate are respect between an adult and child, and encouraging children to learn through problem-solving without unnecessary adult interference.

We value authentic, age-appropriate communication. That means avoiding “baby talk” and building communication through talking about real things, asking questions, and valuing your child’s responses. Children are encouraged to actively participate in all activities, and we actively nurture the parent-child relationship to help build a sense of security.

Free play is a powerful tool we use to help children develop motor, emotional, cognitive, and social skills at their own pace. We value intrinsic motivation and inner directedness, encouraging your child’s passions and supporting them to fulfill their dreams. We model the qualities we want to see develop, allowing them to grow in a positive, secure environment.


The Early Years Learning Framework provides a baseline for ensuring that children receive adequate learning opportunities from birth through to their transition to school. Happy Tots reflects the framework’s fundamental view of children’s lives being characterised by belonging, being and becoming.

We provide a tailored approach to learning for your children, establishing strong foundations while offering plenty of varied and engaging learning opportunities.

Learning at Happy Tots

Your child’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us, and that includes providing educational opportunities that nurture and stimulate their natural love for learning. Our approaches are always child centred and directed, which means they learn without realising it!

As a provider of leading early learning in Chermside, we are dedicated to offering a fun, safe, and educational environment that will help give your child a love of learning to last a lifetime. Book a centre tour today and find out what makes Happy Tots Early Education Centre the best choice for your child.

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