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Bush Kinder Program

At Happy Tots Early Education, we’re passionate about raising global citizens who are connected to their environment and take their enthusiasm for learning outdoors. As a provider of leading early learning in Chermside West, we understand that spending time outdoors with children is vital for their growth and wellbeing.  

Here’s why we are proud to offer a Bush Kinder program.

Growing Healthy Children 

Getting outdoors and engaging with the surrounding environment is not just a positive learning experience – we believe it should be a child’s right. We proudly support our children to access natural spaces and organic learning opportunities, as we strongly believe that it contributes to positive health and wellbeing.  

Our outdoor Bush Kinder provides children with new experiences and good exercise, stimulating their brains and providing safe access to sunlight and fresh air. We make the most of the opportunity to engage with our environment, as we strongly believe it is in our children’s best interests to spend time outside. 

Engaging Learners 

Bush Kinder relies heavily on encouraging connections – your child will have the opportunity to engage with outdoor spaces and other people as they learn about the world around them through hands-on activities.  

Your child will be able to grow at their own pace, and direct their own learning as our talented educators identify and pursue learning opportunities within their areas of interest. As well as traditional learning, we encourage children to develop kindness, creativity, self-regulation, empathy, and confidence during their time outside. 

Connecting to Nature  

We believe in the importance of developing respect for our planet and for each other, and our Bush Kinder program aims to give children hands-on learning opportunities which allow that respect to flourish. As a provider of leading early learning in Chermside West, we make the most of diverse and interesting ways to help your child grow and develop as a life-long learner.  

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