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Why Art and Music Is So Important

Art and music come naturally to children, and we make time every day to tap into that innate ability children have to express themselves creatively. As a childcare centre providing leading early education in Chermside, our programs contain plenty of opportunity for our children to explore arts and music. 

Art. Our arts and crafts times allow children to use a range of materials and textures, providing a sensory experience as well as allowing them to get creative. Our art projects are designed to get children thinking, with relevant themes that allow them to express themselves and explore the use of colours, shapes, and other materials.  

Music. Music is important for brain development and creative expression in children, and it’s also a lot of fun. We spend time every day listening to music and participating in song and dance, including music that is drawn from other cultures. There are instruments available, and we encourage children to take time to be mindful of the natural sounds in their environment and the sounds they can create themselves.  

As well as assisting with brain development, speech development and creative expression, our children love to participate in the wide range of music and art activities we offer. We are creative in how we approach leading early education in Chermside, and we believe our children benefit from the love of music and art we impart every day.  

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