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Emotional Wellbeing

We are passionate about growing healthy kids. Caring for our children’s emotional wellbeing is a core facet of everything we do. Our centre is a provider of leading early education in Chermside West, and our mission is to partner with you to help grow healthy and well-rounded young people.  

Here are some ways we work with your child to support their emotional wellbeing.  

Mindfulness. Children need the skills to slow down, recognise their emotions and develop strategies to express them in a healthy way. We encourage your child to practice the mindfulness techniques we teach and incorporate into their day. These techniques help them identify how they’re feeling and provide an outlet for their emotions. 

Communication. Communication is an essential part of developing emotional wellbeing in children. As children learn to identify their emotions, they can then learn to express them in a healthy way. This helps them to feel validated and develop a deep sense of their role in community. 

Safe Space. We provide a safe space for children to feel validated, take risks and explore their emotions. It’s vital to allow them to grow and discover more about themselves in a judgement-free, supportive environment.  

As a centre providing leading early education in Chermside West, we’re committed to all aspects of your child’s wellbeing. As they can learn and grow in a safe space, your child can be free to express themselves and develop their emotional wellbeing.  

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