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How Our Early Learning Centres Help Child Development

Your child is growing and learning all the time, and to help them reach their full potential they need to be surrounded by a nurturing and educational environment.

Happy Tots Early Education Centre provides leading child care on Hamilton Road, offering child care in Chermside and surrounding areas. Our passion is to see your child grow and develop, and we are committed to creating the best possible environment for them to flourish.

Here are just a few of the developmental areas that Happy Tots Early Education Centre focus on to help set your child on the path to success.

Emotional skills. Coming to our centres gives your child the opportunity to grow emotionally, giving them tools to succeed that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Little people can have big feelings, and we provide a safe space for them to explore healthy expression of their emotions. Empathy is encouraged through pretend-play, and children have the opportunity to build relationships with their friends and educators to support their emotional development.

Social Skills. With so many friends and educators to play with, your child will have plenty of chance to practice safe and healthy social interactions in a range of environments. We gently encourage sharing and kindness, supporting children to develop the skills needed to interact with others.

Language Skills. Actively using language every day, we encourage children to develop their communication skills to help them interact with the world around them. From expressing emotions in a healthy way to improving verbal communication, children benefit from exposure to many different people and types of expression, as well as our tailored programs that help develop their language skills.

Cognitive Development. Children learn through play, and our child-centred approach meets children at their level and engages their interests to help foster cognitive development. With lots of exposure to early literacy and numeracy as well as other programs such as art and music, bush kindy and many more, children develop the cognitive skills they need to help them succeed far beyond their early education.

Supporting your child’s development takes a village, and we’re here to partner with you to help your child succeed. You’ll find our leading child care centre on Hamilton Road, and we would love to meet with you to show how our centre can help your child flourish. Book a tour today and see the Happy Tots Early Education difference.

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